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Bridging the knowledge divide through social learning
Be a part of the Kenlighten revolution.
Pledge to share your knowledge with the not so priveleged. Trust us it doesn't cost a lot, all you need is a desire to do so.
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    The best legacy you can leave behind is your knowledge. Come join us and share your knowledge. Make a greater conribution to the growth of millions of children beyond your classrooms.

  • Publish


    Let Kenlighten be the platform of choice for you to digitally publish your ebook, training course or research paper.

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    Pickup a new skill, learn a new language, collaborate to solve new challenges. Resolve your problems through the power of communities.

  • Network


    Connect with the best teachers in your locality or beyond and network with like minded people.

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    Get the word out about your conference, seminar or any other event related to education for free. Publish your event recordings for free.

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    Looking to hire fresh talent? Start posting your job vacancies on Kenlighten and help applicants reach you at no cost.

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For teachers, authors, publishers to share knowledge in the form of online tutorials, sell ebooks and elearning content.

Secure Environment

A secure environment that will make it easy for your to transact and make money through your educational content.

Social Networking Features

Social networking features to connect with friends, family, colleagues, teachers, students and business partners.

Multiple languages & devices

The functionalities are supported in multiple languages* and multiple devices.
* Language support is currently in beta mode.

Post Jobs and Events

Boards for posting or finding new job opportunities and promoting events.