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Mavenz Management and Technology Services Private Limited, in short Mavenz, is the company behind Kenlighten. Kenlighten is our social platform developed with the primary mission to make digital learning equitable, affordable and accessible, and yet profitable, without compromising on quality and value.

“The greatest legacy you can leave behind is your knowledge.”

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Welcome to Kenlighten. I am so delighted to have you here.

When I was a litle kid studying in an urban school, I kind of got used to all the benefits one gets from such schools. Access to great infrastructure, superb canteen food (yeah I loved those breaks and the Founder's Day), wonderful multi-ethnic teachers and kids, variety of learning opportunities, classy seasonal uniforms, children being dropped off in swanky imported cars, separate grounds to play the sport you loved, luminaries such as the future President of the nation being invited as chief guests for the annual sports day... you get the picture, right?

Then, came a time when I landed up in another part of the country and saw and experienced first hand what a small town school really felt like. No doubt we had great teachers, but the classrooms would be leaky, there was no canteen, sports days were held on community grounds, most kids were bashful and noisy and many came from not-so privileged backgrounds... yet, there was a greater sense of camaraderie. It was a bit of a culture shock initially, but I soon fell in love with the place so much so that when I was privately offered admission to a much better school by its head, I politely smiled subvocalizing, "Thank you Sir, but no thanks!" Over the years my schoolmates have grown up to do well for themselves in their own chosen professions and are definitely living and giving their kids a better quality of life than what they grew up with. Makes me genuinely happy and proud!

Yet, there surely have been so many who were not as fortunate. Not for want of talent, but for access to quality education. Quality education is the single most important driver of life enhancing economic transformation. It should be a basic necessity and hence easily accessible and affordable. Thanks to the accelerated growth in technology, we can now make quality learning ubiquitous.

Kenlighten is our humble initiative to make social learning simple and universal and touch as many lives as we can by working with the global community. Feel free to reach out to me and share your thoughts on improving your experience on Kenlighten or if you would like to collaborate with us in any which ways.


Come join us and lets make a difference!

Nitin Narayan
Founder & CEO, Mavenz

Doing the right things, the right way. Always.

Your Growth Is Our Growth

For us there is no greater happiness than seeing you, directly or indirectly benefit educationally, pedagogically or financially through the use of Kenlighten. When you grow, we grow too.

Creativity Through Collaboration

While we are continuously improving by finding new creative ways to use technology for education, we are always listening to your feedback and suggestions. Never think twice to give your feedback - good or bad.

Strong Moral Compass

Be rest assured that we keep your best interests in mind while serving you. Our personal and collective integrity as a team is our badge of honour.

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